How Long Does It Take To Stop Weed? Time lengths to Quit Marijuana

The intake of weed can lead to marijuana use disorder which is also known as development of problem use. This condition takes form in different cases which are severe. A recent survey carried out shows that people who start the use of weed before they are 18 years of age are at a higher position to develop a marijuana use disorder. See more info on how long does it take to stop smoking weed from the how to stop smoking pot article.

When the brain of a marijuana user gets used to massive amounts of the drug, it reduces its sensitivity. This condition becomes an addiction when the person is unable to stop the intake of the drug despite the interference of their many life aspects.

Similar to other drugs like heroin or cocaine, prolonged use of weed increases a person’s risk of withdrawal when quitting. Despite it not being as dangerous as other hard drugs, its users still face difficulties when trying to stop.

The Time You Need

As mentioned earlier, this depends on when the person started using it. For a person who started at a younger age, the process might be quite prolonged. The time span of withdrawal from weed varies in different people. A heavy weed user begins withdrawal symptoms on day one after quitting and it peaks in a period of 48 to 72 hours. In most cases, marijuana use disorder is associated with dependence. In this case, the person has symptoms of withdrawal when not high on the drug.

People who use weed continuously have been known to have mood swings, little or no sleep, lack of appetite, extreme cravings, anxiety and different forms of physical discomfort that rise within the first seven days of quitting and go on for about a fortnight. Often, the symptoms are to go by the end of the third week. Severe cases have reported feelings of anxiety and depression for up to many months after quitting.

For a person who is willing to quit, Consistency and discipline will help through the process. When the use of weed becomes a habit, it might be hard to kill it entirely. The process might get even more difficult without the help of medical professionals.

If you are sure you want to get away from weed, consult a professional doctor to help you through the process.